Visa in Dubai

Visa in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most populous cities of the United Arab Emirates. It has become one of those cities which are the center of all business and luxurious. Every single day people from all over the world are flying in to visit Dubai. There are people who are looking to conduct their businesses there, people who are stopping for connecting flights, for vacation purposes and so many more. With so many people and with so many reasons to visit Dubai, it is no surprise there are an individual types of visas issued by the Dubai government. Each of them has its own purpose and has different validity dates. Listed below are some of the most common forms of visa in Dubai is issued.

Tourist Visa: As the name suggests, this type of visa in Dubai is needed for people who are willing to visit for holiday or tourism purposes. The requirement for this is to have a passport that has a validity of at least 6 months. A pre-arrangement is needed as well for a tourist visa in Dubai and this cannot be extended. The validity of tourist visas is of 60 days. The fee for a tourist visa is $96.

Transit Visa:  Apart from being the beacon of skyscrapers and luxurious hotels, Dubai also happens to be one of the key cities where most international flights make stops for transits. Flights connecting Asia to Europe or the North American continent often stop at Dubai to make a pit stop. For these reasons people usually try to tour using the transit visa in Dubai. The requirement for transit visa however is that transit passengers have to stop at the Abu Dhabi International Airport for more than 8 hours. The validity of this type of visa is for 14 days with the duration of stay for up to 4 days. The visa fee is $58.

Service Visa: Another common form of visa in Dubai is the service visa. This basically applies for a certain category of people and their family members. The category includes professionals such as managers, company representatives, account auditors, consultants, and delegates from other companies or even people tasked with carrying out certain duties in UAE. Both the validity and duration of such visas are for 14 days and it takes $96 to issue a service visa.

Long Term Leisure Visa-For people who are willing to stay in Dubai for a very long time, they need the long term leisure visa in Dubai. Often people come to Dubai for an extended period of time and some of them even come to visit their family members living or working in Dubai. For them the long term leisure visa is made and the validity of this visa is for 60 days. The duration of stay using this visa can be for as long as 90 days. It is a single entry visa meaning once entered the country, the visa cannot be used again. In many cases, pre approvals from immigration are needed for young women applicants. The cost of issuing a long term leisure visa is $355.

Long Term Visit Visa Multiple Entry- This type of visa is similar to the ones which are issued for long term leisure visa. The only difference here is that people who have this visa can gain entry inside the country multiple times within the valid period. Once again the validity period of this visa is 60 days with the duration of stay is 90 days which start from the day of first entry. The cost of obtaining this visa is the highest among all other visas issued by Dubai. The visa fee is $586.

All the visas issued by Dubai are not extendable. They have to be utilized within the given time frame. The visa fee charged is not refundable under any sort of circumstances. So travelers are advised to be certain of their travel dates before applying for a visa. There is a cancellation fee for every single visa. The charge is $41 per visa. The time period needed to issue a visa is from three to five UAE working days. You can know about how to start LLC business in Dubai as a foreigner. This means that Fridays, Saturdays and any other public holidays are excluded. Only normal passports are accepted for applying for visas.


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