Auditing is the process of examining or inspecting the various record of accounts by an auditor. Auditing is necessary to make sure that all departments within an organization are following the standard system of recording transaction. However, auditing can be done both internally and externally by head of the department or by an outside auditor.  Sometimes an external auditor is hired to ensure that the auditing is done in a fair manner. Always hire a Chartered Accountants who can perform independent audits of your organization. Mainly there are four steps of conducting an audit.

The first step is to define the role of the auditor and the conditions for participation. Which is usually in the form of a letter duly signed by the customer. The 2nd step is to plan out the auditing process. Which includes the details of document that auditor will cover and the deadline the auditor will finish the tasks.

The third steps are to compline all the necessary information of the audit, that is- you need to put all the finding in a report. The final step is to prepare the results in a reporting manner.

Since 2012 S&F Consulting Firm Limited delivering audit service to the international investors. Our audit team will check all supporting papers and prepare documents such as Directors’ Report, Statement by Directors, Legal Statement, Statement of Financial Position, Independent Auditors Report, Statement of Comprehensive Income, Statement of Changes in Equity, Notes to the Financial Statements, Statement of Cash Flows

Income Tax computation, Computation of Capital Allowances, Losses from Business and Detailed Income Statement for The Year. However, if you need auditing of your organization feels free to contact us, S & F CONSULTING SERVICE LTD is always there for you.


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