Virtual Office

Virtual Office

A virtual office is a type of office that gives business a physical address. With the use of virtual office an employee can work from anywhere. They can also use mailing address, messaging service, video conferencing and many more. The cost of using a virtual office is reasonable. A virtual office is trendy among foreign investors or newly started company.

Most of the foreign investors want to use a virtual office to reduce the cost of expense. The cost of renting a virtual office is comparatively low than using traditional office. If you want to start a business in foreign country, it is necessary to have office address to incorporate or register a new business. So, the use of virtual office address will full fill the requirement of physical office. Besides, renting physical office have many problems such as - rental agreement, security deposit, office decoration, etc.

Different between virtual office and physical office

Virtual office Physical office
Ready office to use Its need to decorate to be used
Customer may use the address, phone, meeting room, reception, etc. Its need to add phone number, purchase meeting table, hire reception, etc.
No security deposit is need 2/ 3 months security deposit is required
Shifting is more comfortable as you have no furniture to be shifted. Hassle to shift one place to another as all furniture have to move out.
All electric lines are ready including Air Condition and Lighting. Its need to add electric lines, air condition, lighting those are costly and hassle.
Office in a good location and area Finding an office in a proper place and area sometimes is NOT easy
2-4 staffs may seat together by low rent price Monthly rent price is same even if you have one staff or more

We offer virtual office service to foreign investors to save money and time. Contact us if you need virtual office in your desired country.


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