Income Tax

Income Tax

An income tax is a type of charge that governments apply on income that is generated by individuals or business. By law, every individual or company need to file an income tax return yearly for determining their tax obligation to the income tax department. Income tax is one of the primary sources of revenue for the government. The government use income tax to fund public services, pay government employee, etc.

The income tax rates vary from country to country. Most of the country has a progressive income tax system, where higher income earners need to pay higher tax rates compared lower income earners. Corporate Tax might be 100% free or partially or upon condition, i.e., depend on government policy.

We have a local expert in your preferred country who will guide you preparing income tax file.  Our income tax attorney has years of experience on corporate and personal tax submission and filing.  Our income tax lawyer will help you in arranging a clearance certificate from the government tax office.

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