Small Business Ideas in Dubai

Small business ideas in Dubai

Our discussion on small business ideas in Dubai may inspire young investors to start a business. Dubai is considered as a city of opportunity globally because of the highly communication purpose. The business districts have related to the Dubai airport and the city has got awarded as the Most Affordable City according to the reliable report in 2014. Besides, the corporate tax rate of the city is recorded as one of the lowest around the globe. Dubai is occupied in the 10th rank for the cost of living and 17th rank based on business occupancy.

The revenues from the oil industry are the main source of the economy of Dubai. On the other hand, the contribution from the petroleum and natural gas sector is accounted for less than 2% on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Western manufacturers get a lot of advantage through using the important ports of Dubai.

The government and certain authorities have focused on developing the tourism sector by building hotels and renovating real estate to boost up their economic structure. The city has already been considered as a hub for IT and finance services which accelerate the activities of the new Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).

As this country is considered as heaven for the foreign investors, the small businesses are growing increasingly day by day. Some of the small business ideas in different sectors are discussing in the following:

Coaching Career

Those who are interested to teach others and have passion on this sector, they can start their career with coaching. This way of doing a fresh business reason the entrepreneurs will be able to meet with different ages of people. The teachers will teach from old to young people as per their skills.

The people who are job seeker will come to the coaching to prepare them for job making interviews and writing CV. The consultants in this sector help the students to motivate and stay ahead with this competitive world. So, the requirements of the entrepreneurs are good quality along with good experience, many references and better pricing to earn money from sitting home in this sector. 

Online Assistant Business in Retail Services

Those who have better understanding in the product selling platforms, they can easily shine in this sector. Etsy and eBay are the renowned products selling platforms around the world, they need people who will assist the sellers to set up and enhance their stores through guiding them properly about photo shooting and customer attraction. Besides, customers will be able to know the way of writing of product descriptions in a unique way which will help to generate sales and make higher revenues.

Personal Shopper

Personal shopper is a great small business for the entrepreneurs in Dubai where they take an interview to decide the requirements of clients along with their preferences, colors. Those who have a passion for shopping, they should start this kind of consultancy business. Personal shoppers usually assist customers to choose the right attire at the right time such as in workplace, in a dinner party and so on. 

Upcycling Service

Starting business on the sector of e-commerce is considered as a good small business in Dubai. Those are interested to do creative works. Entrepreneurs should know the reputation creating process over their business in online where they pick the unwanted products of the other person, recycle it, turn the products into trendy and stylish and sell the products through online.

Online Store

To start the online store business, it is not required to be a big retailer. In this business, entrepreneurs need to build a website or mobile application for the customer engagement and always to be responsive with the customer's query and needs. They can sell their products directly or through drop-shopping service. In the starting phase, entrepreneurs sell their own products from the top-notch suppliers.

Event planner

In Dubai, event planning is the most flourishing small business. The demand of event planners is increasing day by day as people are fond of parties more than the previous time in Dubai. As a event planner, entrepreneurs need to abreast with the new ways of planning event where people will get more pleasure with something interesting.

Home based Food Service

There are good opportunities are waiting for the chef and someone who loves to cook delicious food. We know a lot of diversified people from cultural and money perspective is living in Dubai for working purpose. So, entrepreneurs can start their home-based bakery with making good food in different occasion such as events, individuals, local businesses or organization. 

Home Day Care

In Dubai, working women face problems to care for their babies. In the western countries, daycare services look after children in the working time in exchanging of money though it is not popular in Dubai. So, entrepreneurs can take a chance and make a wonderful small business.  

Note: Many other small business ideas in Dubai those might be started for a good return, like online marketing, rent agent, supply, laundry, green vegetable supply, and starting LLC in Dubai as a foreigner also.

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