Virtual office in Malaysia, Selangor, KL

Virtual office in Malaysia

The virtual office is a type of office that gives the business a physical address. With the use of a virtual office, the employee can work from anywhere. They can also use the postal address, messaging service, video conferencing, and more.

A virtual office is famous among foreign investors and the newly established company. The cost of virtual office varies from area to area. For example, the price of a virtual office in Kuala Lumpur is higher compared to the cost of Petanjiya.

Most of the foreign investors want to use a virtual office to reduce costs. The cost of renting a virtual office is comparatively low than traditional offices.

If you're going to start a business in Malaysia, you need an office address to include or register a new business and B.I.G company in Selangor. So, using a virtual office address will meet the full physical office requirement.

According to the requirement of Malaysian government foreign investors need to use the local address for company registration in Malaysia. However, renting virtual office will full fill the demand of company registration.

Difference between “physical and virtual office price” in Malaysia

There is a huge difference between physical and virtual office. In the era of efficiency and flexibility, everyone wants to reduce their cost in best possible ways. If you're going to start a business but don’t have enough cash, you can use virtual office.

On the other hand, you may choose physical office, if your company have enough money. The table below shows the costing difference between renting a virtual office and physical office.

Type Description Price
Physical office 3 staff with space of 1000 square feet   RM 3000-3500
Virtual Office 3 staff with space of 1000 square feet   RM 1800
Physical office Service charge and Utility bills RM 100-300
Virtual office Service charge and Utility bills Free
Physical office Purchase office furniture RM 7000-15000
Virtual office Purchase office furniture Free
Physical office Security deposit (2-3 months) RM 9000 or above
Virtual office Security deposit for one month only RM 100-200

Why Virtual Office in Malaysia?

The table above shows – renting a physical office is costly and problematic whereas the cost of renting a virtual office is much cheaper. A virtual office is an almost ready office, and you can start using your office from the date of signing. You do not need to bear the costs of utility bills, furniture cost or hire a receptionist for your office. However, if you want to start a business in Malaysia as a foreigner, you may choose a virtual office rather than the physical office. There are lots of virtual offices available within many cities in Malaysia such as Selangor, Petaling Jaya, Puchong, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur, etc.

Advantage of Virtual Office in Malaysia

There are three virtual office packages available in Malaysia. These three packages are categories into silver, gold, and platinum. The table below shows the service available within these three packages.

Description and package Silver-RM 120 Gold-RM 180/ Platinum-RM 330
Use address for business purpose Available Available Available
Phone call notification/service Not Available Not Available Available
Email/ mail receive Available Available Available
Reception service Not Available Not Available Available
Use of local phone number Not Available Available Available
Call answer Not Available Not Available Available
Parcel receive Available Available Available
Meeting Room Available Available Available

The local business address is necessary to incorporate a business in Malaysia. Therefore, renting a virtual office is an excellent decision to meet business needs.  We provide a range of service within our packages at an affordable price.

However, our “business meeting room” service is available if you purchase any of our packages. In the absence of you, our reception service will reply to your client.

The local phone number is essential for incorporating the business in Malaysia, within our package we also provide phone call service. We will also receive parcel (goods) for you that are sent by your customers, banks or by any person.

Facilities of Virtual Office & physical office in Malaysia

We provide different types of facilities if you buy our packages. The table shows the facilities of our service.

Facilities of Virtual Office Availability
WiFi Service Yes
Meeting Room Yes
Door access Card Yes
Malaysian phone number use Yes
Tea, water, coffee Yes
Email notify Yes
Reception Yes
Call answer Yes


According to the information mentioned above, renting a physical office in Malaysia is very costly and problematic. Therefore, it’s a smart decision to rent a virtual office than a physical office. However, our service is available within any region of Malaysia such as Petaling Jaya, Selangor, etc. The demand for virtual office rent is growing up day by day because of its ready facilities. It is an excellent opportunity for foreign investors to use a virtual office address for the business registration process. However, since 2012 S & F consulting firm is providing various types of service to foreign investor. We are very concern about customer piracy, and do not share any confidential information with other. We work maintaining customer satisfaction. You may want to know about IT companies in Malaysia.

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