Types of visa in Malaysia

Types of visa in Malaysia

As a foreigner starting the business in Malaysia is a good idea. But problems arise when it comes to which types of visa, you need to apply. However, to help you ease your mind, this article will describe the type of visa offered in Malaysia. Basically, there are 3 types of visa which are issued by the Malaysian Government to the foreign national. The details are explained below: -

Single Entry Visa

Single entry visa is a type of visa that allows one to entry in Malaysia. The single-entry visa is issued for foreigners only, who want to visit Malaysia for social purpose. This visa is valid for the duration of three months from issue date. The single entry is visa is also issued for the purpose of tourism.

Multiple Entry Visa  

This is the type of visa that is also issued for foreigners only, who wants to enter the country for business, official or government to government reason. The validation of this visa stays around 3 to 12 months from issue date. Only the people of China and India can apply for multiple entry visa to visit Malaysia for social purpose. Though the validation the multiple entry visa is about one year, you can stay maximum of 30 days for each entry. To obtain this visa you must need to carry sufficient funds, that cover your travel, hotel and return ticket cost. The conditions of “Multiple Entry Visa” visa are highlighted below:

  • You need to show sufficient fund for staying or working in Malaysia.
  • You need to process a legal and confirmed return ticket.
  • No tour groups are allowed for multiple entry visa.
  • This visa cost around RM 100 for Indian people and RM 30 for the people of China.

Transit Visa

This visa is issued for foreigners only, who need to enter in this country as a route and transit to other countries. However, foreigners who choose not to leave the airport while waiting for another fight does not need a transit visa. If you want to move outside of the airport you need a transit visa.

Types of Work Passes in Malaysia

Types of Work Passes in Malaysia

Malaysia is considered as a convenient place for job seekers all over the world. This can be explained by the steady economic growth of the country and greater opportunities for domestic and foreign companies. However, there is a demand for highly skilled professional in various industry and business. This is why Malaysia start giving work permit visa to the skilled individuals. The type of work passes visa depends on the type of job and skills. Malaysia offers three types of work permit visa such as Employment pass, professional visit pass and temporary employment pass.

Employment pass: Employment passes is only allowed to an individual who has specific skills. In some cases, they need to have expert knowledge for working in the technical and managerial position. Employment pass is issued for a minimum of two years. If you hold this pass, you are officially allowed to come with your dependents. However, the dependent must need to have a dependent pass for entering into Malaysia. Before you apply for this pass you need to have a valid passport and it should hold an expiry period of 18 months at least.

Temporary Employment Pass: The temporary employment pass is usually issued for an employee or worker who will be working less than 2 to 3 years in the company. Temporary employment visa is also applicable for an employee who receives a salary with less RM5,000. However, temporary work permit visa does not allow you to come with your dependents or family.

Professional Visit Pass: The professional visit pass is issued to foreign nationals. These nationals should remain employed by the company that they are working for in their home country. This visa is issued when a Malaysian company requires a certain service from the employee or worker for the duration up to 6 months only. Profession visit visa does not require any age limit to entre in Malaysia as a foreign worker. If you have any dependent you can apply for dependent visa.

Malaysia Business Visa Requirements


Valid Passport 6 months validity
2 passport size colored photograph (2×2) White Background
Copy of current passport Passport details should be visible
Letter of invitation The letter should be from host company in Malaysia
Letter from home country company verifying employment Should state duration and purpose of visit to Malaysia
xerox of flight ticket and hotel reservation           
Copy of visa status

Business Visa Application – Multiple Return Journey Visa

Malaysia Business Visa Application

The local Malaysian directors charge about RM 410.00 (duration of two years) for business visa application. It will renewable every two years provided the application is approved. The processing time of visa application will take around 30 to 45 days.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it confirmed that once we apply for the visa, it will be approved?

  • No. All visa application shall be approved or rejected based on the immigration policy, rules and regulation.

Q: Can I apply for a working visa if I plan to open a business in Malaysia?

  • No. Make sure to check the business legality and process all necessary documents to open the business. Once the business is opened, it is advisable to have multiple transactions within the company before applying for the visa.

Q: How much is the cost of multiple entry visa?

  • The Multiple Entry Visa costs RM 100.00 for Indian Citizens and RM 30.00 for citizens of the People’s Republic of China.

Q: If I hold a temporary employment pass, can I bring my dependents?

  • No, you cannot bring any dependents if you hold a temporary employment pass. But if you hold “Professional Visit Pass” or “Employment Pass” you can bring dependents.


Malaysia is a business hub in central East Asia. Many people come in and out of this country for a various reason, which includes business purpose, social purpose, tour etc. Depending on the type of purpose you can apply for a specific visa. This article will help you to understand the basic requirements, policy and rules of getting Malaysian visa. You may want to know about how to set up an offshore company in Malaysia.

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