Accounting services in Malaysia

Accounting services in Malaysia

Accounting services in Malaysia

Accounting services Malaysia Particulars
Audited Accounts Quarterly, Half-yearly and/ or yearly accounting preparation
P/L Profit and loss accounts
Ledger Ledger book building
B/S Balance Sheet

Accounts in Malaysia as Section

Section of CA Particulars
167 Every private limited company, shares holders, the manager will maintain accounts record Corporate accounting will be prepared to maintain the standard
169 Accounts report shall be presented before the meeting of AGM 1st AGM will be completed by 18 months from incorporation date and after then by every calendar year and not more than 15 months
  Profit and loss, B/S, directors report, auditor’s report, notes, and statement The audited accounts shall be certified by the directors or Company Secretary
Within one month from incorporation, each entity will lodge a return to Register about directors, secretaries, and managers of the company
Filling form 49 all data shall be updated if any changes are made within 30 days of changes.
  • Cheaper and qualitative
  • Accounting is prepared by Chartered Accountants
  • No software is used for accounting fees preparing
  • Verified and monitored by professional accountants (Management and cost accountants or CA)
  • Maintain standard as government instructions

Balance Sheet

Current Assets Current Liabilities
Net Current Assets Equity and liabilities
Retained Earnings Total Equity

Bookkeeping services Malaysia

Bookkeeping services Malaysia

General Ledger Sample

Share capital Retained Earnings
Cash in bank Accruals
Amount due to director Advertisement
Bank charges Secretary
Printing Trade & accommodation
Fixed Assets Audit, professional, bookkeeping services, audit, tax, and other fees

Profit and Loss accounts

Net Sales Gross profit
Expenses Net profit after tax
Others Retained earnings

Outsourced accounting services in Malaysia

Accounting services in Malaysia

Accounting services Malaysia

As accounting services in Malaysia, we prepare professional accounts with a low budget. We have noticed that every year May, June, and July are very busy times for the accountants and auditors and prices become higher in this period than other times. Auditors sometimes prepare accounts for their clients at a high price. Our plan is to give customers satisfaction as well as maintain the standard of accounting services Malaysia.  

Actually, accounting fees depend upon the volume of transactions and numbers of invoices. However, we offer standard accounting service prices at RM 800, 1000 to above, not more than RM 3000 (at maximum in case of huge transaction and volume is higher) for the corporate. Our offer will save you money and time. It’s our commitment to deliver the complete accounts within the time frame. Our team member will prepare a ledger from your supporting documents. If the customer likes to get accounts to report monthly basis and/ or quarterly basis will be provided the same. You may want to know about What is Sdn Bhd? Sendirian Berhad in Malaysia.

You are worried about hiring an accountant for your company! There may not be hired accounts staff (s) in small and medium enterprises some reasons:-

  • Limited transactions
  • Accountant hiring cost is not comfortable
  • Accounting firms are available
  • Risk level
  • Transparency issue, monopoly might works

Accounting Bookkeeping Services Fees in Malaysia

Fees Number of transactions (yearly) Volume base on a yearly (Ringgit)
500 10-50 Less than 500000
800 20-70 Less than RM 500000
1000 30-100 500000-600000
1500 50-150 500000-700000
2000 80-2000 500000-800000
3000 100-3000 5000000- 1 Million
4000-5000 5000-6000 Above 1 million

Malaysia Accounting Firm

Bookkeeping services in Malaysia

Accounting services in Malaysia

Freelance Accounting Services Malaysia

Freelance accounting services are required mostly for SME companies to prepare monthly, quarterly and annually financial statement. Freelance accountant work as part time basis considering both parties winning situation.

Outsource accounting service

Chartered Accountant (M) members and experienced accountants are working from home to prepare complete bookkeeping by low budget. CA (M) those are listing members of MIA are preferred to engage in accounting services.

Why shall I go to accounting services as I have accounts software?

To update daily transactions in software it requires a professional person. The software might not easier to use and there has a chance of data missing to update regularly.

How much accounting services fees in Malaysia?

Audit firm will charge higher than average and very formalities. Our fees are RM 800, 1000 and maximum RM 3000 for large companies and huge transactions.

Why your firm is different than others?

We prepare accounts by the Chartered Accountants and/ or Cost and Management accountants who are experienced in this field and qualified member (s).

How can you provide accounting service monthly basis?

Our team member (s) will visit your office every month to collect data and invoices and will be updated regular basis.

How can I get accounting report staying abroad?

As accounting report will be prepared monthly basis and will be sent via email to have a check from abroad.

Why should I hire your firm to prepare our company accounts?

Let one accountant be hired by RM 2000-3000 monthly salary basis that stands RM 24000-36000 whereas you are getting better accounting services in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru, any place by cheaper as our plan of lower rate accounting services fees in Malaysia and hassle-free.

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