Different types of visa in Thailand for foreigner

Different types of visa in Thailand for foreigner

Every year thousands of foreign expats travel into Thailand. The purpose may vary from one to the next. In most cases the reason might appear to be tourism, business or diplomatic reasons and studies. On either way the Royal Thai Embassy offers different types of visas in Thailand. All these visas have various purposes and even application criteria is different. This article gives a brief view on those different visa types valid in Thailand.

  • Tourist Visa
  • one year Non-Immigrant Visa
  • Non-Immigrant Visa
  • Marriage Visa and Retirement Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Transit Visa

Types of Visa in Thailand infographic

Tourist Visa

As the country largely runs on tourist economy, this visa type is easy to get. The tourist visa is valid for 60 days in Thailand. This visa has two categories. It can either be a multiple visa or single-entry tourist visa. The visa period can be extended for up to extra 30 days once requested accordingly to the Thai embassy.  

A Non-Immigrant Visa can however further extend the period of stay in Thailand if appealed in necessities. There is an official formality you need to follow in order to get that extra extension. The candidate often suggested to visit neighboring country as for the requisition for such extension.

One Year Non-Immigrant Visa

The visa often falls under multiple entry category in Thailand. the visa is valid for a period of 365 days or 1 year. An applicant can stay for 90 days in straight on each stay, after every 90 days the applicant needs to give a border attendance. Here he/she will get a visa continuation stamped by the border authority.

Non-Immigrant Visa

Also known as a single-entry visa to Thailand. the visa validation is of 90 days. Like other visa type, one can extend the visa period here in this criterion too. The applicant can extend their stay period by placing the current visa to the border authority.

Marriage Visa and Retirement Visa

This visa demands certain financial requirements that has to be paid by the applicants if this visa is needed. This type of visa is applicable for an applicant only if married to a Thai Native or passport holder. In case of Retirement Visa in Thailand the candidate must have an age of at least 50 or above.

Here the visa expecting person must obtain a non-immigrant visa first, followed by changing the visa status into marriage visa or Retirement Visa by fulfilling the requisition mentioned. The visa validation has one year of duration. The applicant can stay in Thailand for one year without periodical border attendances. 

Business Visa

Next visa type Thailand authority strongly recommend is the Business visa. This particular visa type is specially designed for people who have a plan to start business in overseas countries. This visa can be a legal beginning to start doing trade in Thailand. This visa has a validation of 90 days and can extend with convenience. However, to run a business, the candidate also requires proper corporate bank account and work permit.

Permanent Resident Visa

To get this type of visa in Thailand, the applicant must have a constant stay permission in Thailand for at least 3 consecutive years. This must include a one-year-visa extensions permit as well. The visa is valid under two conditions; either the applicant is married with a Thai resident for 5 years, or he/she must have a monthly income which should be equal or more than 80,000 Baht here in Thailand.

Thailand is a paradise for every travel enthusiast. Moreover, the country is not confined in tourism only but widened its wings towards business possibilities, living standard and amusement sectors. The kingdom is therefore attracting various foreigners every year. Naturally, the requirements of different types of visa are mandatory when visiting in Thailand. One thing everyone must know that whatever the purpose of visiting in Thailand, whether, travelling, business, settlement diplomatic purposes or study, every individual requires visa for their designated purpose to enter into this country. The nation additionally offers on arrival visa which is applicable for several countries around the world.

Diplomatic Visa

Only a certain category of personnel can get this special type of visa. Thai Embassies and Consulates often get this special visa. Such visa requires special documents and permissions issued by the foreign government or recognized international organizations, that have verified the applicant at his/her personal and professional level and have appropriate credentials of that personnel.

Transit Visa

Transit visa is valid in Thailand, and the purpose behind validating such visa type is because many people often enter into Thailand in order to travel to the country of destination or to travel back to his/her country of origin and also check problems to live in Thailand. This is also applicable for people who is in charge of a conveyance temporarily anchored in a port of Thailand. the visa is also applicable for people up for world travelling for sports purpose or sportsmen on international events. 

FAQ – Frequently Ask Question

What is the validation duration for tourist visa in Thailand, and is it extendable?

Tourist visa is valid for 60 days, but if required it the validation duration can be extended to up to 1 months. If again time extension is needed for any emergency, further extension can be granted, where the applicant needs to visit nearby country once to prolong the extension, which falls under the rules of Thai immigration system.

What are the requirements for obtaining a retirement visa in Thailand?

First step of retirement visa is to obtain a non-immigrant visa. Once you have that, apply for a One-year retirement visa. For that your age must be minimum 50 or above. You will also need valid passport, and other documents. Once the permission is approved, proceed for obtaining a re-entry permit. It is necessary to report your stay every 90 days once required visa permission has been granted.

What are the financial requirements for Retirement visa?

Minimum THB 800,000 in bank account. Monthly income must be at least THB 65,000, Or a Combination of bank Account and Income per annum which must be equal to THB 800,000


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