Problems to Live in Thailand

Problems to Live in Thailand

Thailand is a country of paradise. The country is the most desirable place to visit for leisure purpose. But when it comes to moving from one country to another, there should be a consideration because there are various challenges and risk taken place for moving from one country to another country. Problems to live in Thailand are happening indeed, but in other words, foreigners face more challenges than the locals who live in the country.

Being in another country is not easy when it comes to a long-term stay. It is all about taking a risk in life. Thailand is a country which is always filled with tourist which the country encourages since the country’s main economy depends on the tourism industry. But when it comes to foreigners setting down a business or staying there for a long time then the country may not actually encourage it. Exemption for Americans since they have a long-time friendship with them and their country citizens are taken care in Thailand. Thailand can be a very good experience for living. A foreigner can gain exposure to new things and learn new cultural values and systems of a country. Following are the challenges to live in Thailand.

Problems to Live in Thailand

Thailand visa

Getting a visa in Thailand is a bit of difficulty. There are various types of visa to apply in Thailand. Some are Non-B visa, retirement visa, education visa, tourist visa, elite visa, and smart visa. Apart from these, the process of visa application is easy. The paper works done for the Thai visa should be on hand and must be updated, if there is any extension in stay apart from the given visa period then there will be penalties to be paid and other severe punishments.


In Thailand the practice bribe is very common. Under table money business is very common, it is not very common in every country but there are some countries who does business like this and Thailand is one of them. It is a very frustrating factor for foreigners, but in order to stay there a person should adopt these factors. So, of the places where a person will come across these factors are building project, visa, account to be completes and signature receiving.

Especially when a business is conducted there will be more amount transactions demanded. Though there are changes in the customs, this system of corruption cannot be changed. It might be upsetting but the foreigners should accept the fact and proceed with the countries system.


Thailand is technologically challenged when it comes to form filling. They do not appreciate online systems and e-banking systems. They prefer to do everything in paperwork. The offices in Thai will also have a separate room to just place the amount of papers.


In Thailand, there are two types of pricing when it comes to foreigners. As expected, the prices will be higher for foreigners compared to the locals. In a hotel in Thailand when food is ordered by a foreigner which is the same food ordered by a local the price of each person would not be equally paid, but there will be different payment where the foreigner will pay double or triple the price of locals.


Road accidents

In the recent survey by WHO 2019, it is stated that Thailand is the 4th most dangerous place to drive in the world. Though the country is recommended for tourism for its most exemptional view the country needs to improvise its transportation system. It is recommended for tourist and foreigners to avoid this chaos. But during Christmas and other festivals in Thailand, the roads will be safer because there will be policemen in each corner of the road and it is safer for the public. Though various rules and regulations are there in this case and positive attitude are raising, the country still has a long way to improvise the system.


Moving into one country to another leads to social shock which is quite common. But especially when it comes to language, the difficulty which a foreign person faces are very stressful. Though there are a lot of foreigners entering the country, English as not been very common in Thailand. Therefore, a foreigner should rely on local assistance in order for any need and get help from them and receive what they want to. It is recommended for a foreigner to learn Thai if they are going to stay in Thailand for a very long time.


The more a person travels, the more a person learns. Getting to live in another place is an opportunity it is something which everyone does not get, though it can be hard it is best to adopt it and utilize the opportunity. Thailand is a very interesting place to do fishing business in Thailand. It can be a place of wonders and also a place of precaution. Overall, if a person is careful and ready to adopt the place, then he or she can survive in Thailand.

People who come to Thailand for business purpose needs to adopt its culture as early as possible. As a business person, you may face a lot of difficulties in Thailand. Therefore, it is recommended to contact a business consulting firm who can help you out with the necessary business solution. In Thailand, the S & F Consulting firm is one of the best business consulting firm. S & F provides various types of service, such as company registration, accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, and many others.

Frequently Asked Question

Is staying in Thailand risky?

If a person can be conscious then he or she can be safe in Thailand.

Are there different price tags for a foreigner?

There are different prices for both locals and foreigners, where the foreigner should be double or triple the price of locals.

Is online system popular in Thailand?

Thailand prefers to use papers the traditional method or old method.

Is the transportation safe in Thailand?

Thailand is ranked 4th in the world for dangerous transportation around the world.

Is Thailand a recommended place to work?

For a short period of time, Thailand is a good place to work.



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