Work Permit requirement in Sri Lanka

Work Permit requirement in Sri Lanka

Every employment visa applicant needs to have an Entry visa before they travel to Sri Lanka. The employment entry visa can be only processed in Colombo by the Departments of Immigration.

According to the rule and policy, no employment Entry visa will be issued unless the immigration department approves the prior visa. The employment seekers are not allowed under any circumstance to travel in Sri Lanka with a tourist visa.

A foreigner must have employment visa if they want to be employed in the following organization – Banks, Non-Government Organization, Privates Companies, Volunteers, employed in any projects under BOI of Sri Lanka and employed in any diplomatic mission.

Other Category of Personnel That Need Employment Visa

  • Foreigners who are taking up employment as a coach of a sports club, national teams, etc.
  • The foreign artist who need to take part in clubs or hotels or other organization to conduct performance
  • A foreigner who is employed as a specialist chef.

Visa Application Procedures

Firstly, obtain Entry visa approval from Colombo Immigration Departments. Next, collect the visa approval from the embassy of Sri Lanka and travel in Sri Lanka.

Once you arrived in Sri Lanka collects the Employment Visa endorsement from the Colombo immigration departments.

List of Documents for Entry Visa

  1. Visa application form
  2. Conformation letter from the employer in Sri Lanka (the conformation letter must should state terms and conditions of the employment)
  3. Document of business registration and the agreements and projects document.
  4. Recommendation letter for visa, that is issued the Board of Investments.
  5. Copy of your passport main page.

The applicant must fill up the visa application form with relevant information, Collect the conformation latter from the employer, along with business registration, agreements paper, projects document, recommendation letter and a copy of passport must need to submit it to the immigration service center.

Who Can Apply for Employment Visa?

Skill people, employees of non-government or private companies, dependents of personnel, expatriate can apply for this visa. Besides, embassy people, government agency, United Nation staffs can also apply.

Types of Visa & Fees

Types of Visa in Sri Lanka

There are mainly four types of visa available with Sri Lank. Such as-

  • Business visa
  • Tourist visa/visit visa
  • Transit visa
  • Resident visa
Category Visa Fees in Rs Tax in Rs

Multiple entry visa

12-month validity Three times than normal Fee 10000

Tourist visa/ Visit visa

Visit visa for 3 months Normal fee No tax
Visit visa for 3 to 6 months Normal fee 10000
Visit visa for 6 to 9 months Normal fee 10000

Transit visa

For Transit Visa please - Click here to find more information.

Resident visa

Personnel whose services are required for projects approved by the State 10000 10000
Personnel who’s is employed under the BOI of Sri Lanka 10000 10000
Volunteers Few (under certain condition) No Tax
Clergy members Free No tax
Foreign investors who is engaged in business in Sri Lanka 10000 10000
Someone who is attached to NGO Free (under certain condition) No tax


Unless you have Sri Lankan citizenship, you must have approved prior visa before you can entre in Sri Lanka. You can obtain the visa from the Sri Lankan embassy that is in your home country.

However, it’s not complex getting a Sri Lankan visa if all the requirement paper is submitted accordingly.

In most case the employment visa/work permit is required for foreign investors who incorporate business in Sri Lanka. The visa fess is very reasonable compared to other country.

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