Certificate of incorporation in Bangladesh

Do you know how to easily obtain a certificate of incorporation in Bangladesh from RJSC? Why incorporation certificate is important in business? You can read how to register a limited company in Bangladesh as foreigner.

Do you want incorporation certificate register a proprietorship and partnership business in Bd? You will get never as incorporation certificate is issued for only limited company incorporation.

Certificate of incorporation is an identity of a business that is most important. However, to obtain an incorporation certificate must a company need to be registered.

At the beginning, brain storm for a unique name that bear a clear meaning. After then, register it through RJSC by making payment in schedule bank in Taka 200. Said name is valid for 30 days only unless apply for extension before expiry.

Let, name registration is received and now, step for incorporate a private or public limited liability company. It must be done by an expert who knows the complete steps of incorporation from A-Z.

The first process of incorporation is draft MoA & AoA that will be prepared by an expert or lawyer. The director of the company must fill up some forms given by the lawyer to read them and sign.

Expert or lawyer will submit all the required documents to RJSC and pay the government fee to bank. Let the officer of RJSC ream them either all information is correctly placed or not. Once, all are ok the file will be transferred to assistant registrar for final approval as process of RJSC office in Bangladesh.

Finally, your application is approved and an email will be sent from RJSC to the registered email. Print the documents:

  • Incorporation certificate
  • Form XII
  • And MoA & AoA

These 3 copies are sent from RJSC once a company is incorporated successfully in Bd. Now, where this certificate is used for? Well, incorporation certificate is used for any private and government works by a company. The same information is available in BIDA to obtain certificate of incorporation.

A name of the company, date of incorporation (birth day) and incorporation number is given in the certificate as unique. Either no other can re-take nor given the same incorporation number and name of the company.

How long to get the certificate of incorporation?

Well, this might take 3-4 days to get the certificate unless have any mistakes in submission and drafting. As all the process is done through online in Bd so time is faster than earlier.

How much is needed to obtain incorporation certificate?

Well, to incorporate a company might require Taka 10000 at the minimum one. Easily, everyone can find how much is cost of incorporation ?


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