Setup Foreign Business in Malaysia - SDN BHD Company Registrati

Setup Foreign Business in Malaysia - SDN BHD Company Registrati

setup foreign company Malaysia

Three ways investors may setup foreign company Malaysia

  • Private limited company registration (sdn bhd)
  • Branch office set up
  • Subsidiary company set up.

Which way business will be setting up in Malaysia is your choice? We recommend to set up foreign company under (1) or (2) if you like to do full phase of business.

The process of business set up under sdn bhd is easier and by 5 days incorporation certified copies might receive if no complexity arise.

Name of Business

Do you have preferred name of your business, if yes, propose 3 names as name is not available always. Approved business name style shall be “ABX…SDN. BHD.” (Ending with sdn bhd), Malaysian language is meaning of private limited company. In generally, proposed name is approved by same day or next day (from SSM) if all information is filled up properly. Necessary information is (1) nature of business (2) business objectives (3) contact detail (4) office address.

SDN BHD Company Set Up

Almost maximum entrepreneurs like to setup foreign manufacturing company Malaysia as sdn bhd. To set up sdn Bhd Company following information is required

  • Name approval
  • Registered address of company
  • Residence address of the share holders
  • Business address, if any
  • Contact number with land phone
  • Share allocation of the share holders
  • Appoint local residing nominee director
  • Assport copy of share holders
  • Signing on given information
  • No bankruptcy declaration
  • Appoint company secretary

Problems to Setup foreign company Malaysia

  1. Bank account opening being foreign company
  2. Local nominee director appointment
  3. Office rent seems burden unless permit open bank account
  4. Hire local staff
  5. Inject money of Ringgit 500,000 to 1000000
  6. Business license permission unless arrange Ringgit 500,000 to 1000000

Advantage of setting up business in Malaysia

  1. Connection with international business
  2. Allow to stay in Malaysia with family members
  3. Might chance to apply for residence
  4. Start business where have opportunity to develop the economy and revenue
  5. Good and friendly environment place of business


Why business set up in Malaysia, better place than your present location and better opportunity to generate revenue.


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