Company formation service partnership in Mauritius

Partnership agreement has been signed dated on 28 November, 2016 between S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED and its sister concern SFM CONSULTING FIRM SDN BHD and ABC Global Management Services Ltd, Mauritius. Both companies agreed mutually to develop customer services for the international investors who plan to setup business in Mauritius.

Foreign investors look for professional person or firm who can guide as foreign investment law of the country to incorporate business in Mauritius. Later on, investors ask for tax service, accounts, audit, secretarial and financial advisory.

Management of “S & F” and “ABC Management” determine to meet clients need perfectly by their processional experts.

S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED, is a global foreign company formation, tax, secretarial, accounts, audit and financial advisory firm whereas ABC Global Management Services Limited is a local expert of the said services.

It has been taken initiative to ensure hassle free bank account opening for the foreign investors. Besides, all other services shall be completed successfully within time frame and by reasonable price.

Small, medium and big entrepreneur can consider Mauritius as a suitable place of investment generating revenue within short time.

It’s a suitable place to make connection between Europe and Africa. Foreign entrepreneurs like to invest in free zone area to enjoy tax rebate in Mauritius. Some investment sectors are remarkable such as real estate, garments, power, agro, ICT, finance department and others. 

Foreign direct investment amount US$ 208,290, 139 as report of last year, 2015, Average population 1.263 million, GDP US$ 11.52 billion.

Detail info on company incorporation Mauritius is here


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