Small business ideas in Mauritius

Small business ideas in Mauritius

Ever since the government has relaxed the rules and regulations regarding obtaining business permits, a lot of small business ideas in Mauritius have come to life. People are engaging in a lot of entrepreneurship activities and thus the economy seems to be improving.

This has also led to an increase number of foreign investors who are looking to start small businesses in Mauritius. While for most people the capital may not be an issue, it is the business ideas that seems to cause the most problems to these foreign investors.

There are a number of small business ideas one can implement in a country like Mauritius. Listed below are several of them:

Tourism sector in Mauritius

Mauritius is mainly known for being the perfect vacation gateway. The island is beautiful with lots of tourist activities to be done. Each year there are hundreds of tourists flying in the country which means there will never be a shortage of customers if one was to engage in the tourism industry? Investing in tourism would not require a great deal of capital either.

It could be a simple set up where the business can offer deals such as sight-seeing spots, or fun activities to do such as snorkeling or jet skiing. They can even provide accommodations for backpackers or have deals set up with named hotels and resorts. Being attractive place tourism can be smart small business ideas in Mauritius.

For starting a tourism business in Mauritius, you can contact with Mauritius Tourism Authority.

Delivery services

Mauritius is a small island and the total area of the country is not that large. Starting a delivery service may be the perfect business idea. The service can be of delivery small products such as books, food, or things like that. Or if the investor can secure a truck or two then they can engage in larger delivery too. The initial capital would be spent on obtaining a office space, a working telephone line and a couple of delivery men. If the business does well then one can easily purchase a few trucks and deliver larger items for a bigger price.

Office lunch services

Already there are a number of locals who have opened up food shops that sell street food and other delicious food. Investing with these locals to prepare lunch items that are going to be delivered to the nearby offices would be great small business ideas in Mauritius.

It wouldn’t not cost as much. The capital would be needed to hire delivery boys and provide them with vehicles such as cycles or bikes. If the local food sellers don’t collaborate with you then you can always hire cooks for making the food.

This is one of those business ideas that have become quite popular in a number of countries across the world and there is no reason it couldn’t work here in Mauritius either.

Call center

One of the most common forms of business that have is always being outsourced is customer care related work. Call centers are established with very little finances. A couple of working telephone lines along with a stable internet connection is all that is required. There are a lot of small sized to medium sized companies from the west who are looking for call centers to do their customer care work.

Mauritius has a good workforce and this sort of job won’t require much training either. It’s a very low investment low risk kind of business that is sure to generate decent profits.

Jet skiing service

As mentioned earlier, Mauritius has an abundant number of tourists and there are a great number of beaches too. Most of these tourists look for activities by the beach and one of the most popular ones is jet skiing. Purchasing a jet ski may seem very costly but that is the only expense one would have to bear if they decide to get into such a business.

Buying jet skis and then renting them out to travel agencies or beach side businesses will ensure that all these people pay for this fun activity and the investor stands a chance to get a decent rent back. It is another one of those low risk and small business ideas in Mauritius that won’t go wrong.

Authentic food carts

Food business is always blooming. Investing in a food cart that serves something other than the local food will always attract customers. As a foreign investor one can easily come up with dishes that are from their country of origin.

The people will always be eager to try something new and this will end up making great profits. On the other hand, instead of investing in a full restaurant and going for cart will minimize the risks in case people do not like the food.

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