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We often come across individuals who are interested to setup a business in Malaysia but have many confusions regarding setting up a company in Malaysia. These confusions seem to be quite lesser when an individual tends to register a company online in Malaysia.

Most individual finds manual incorporation process carried out in SSM office very confusing. To go through all sort of registration steps and procedures manually is indeed bothersome and time consuming.

Moreover, manual incorporation process in Malaysia is not a feasible idea at present scenario when, entrepreneurs nowadays are too busy to spend hours in an SSM office. Hence, on situation like this the SSM Malaysia has come up with an excellent solution for all new business owners.

It is now possible to register a company in Malaysia through online with the help of ezBiz; an online website where one can easily register their business organization while sitting back relaxed at their home. All he/she needs is a working pc and internet connectivity.

Good old days are now over when an investor needed to visit the SSM office and waste time waiting in the que for all sort of issue regarding registering their business entity. Although, till now the registration system is not 100% online (especially for a new business owner who just started his/her business in Malaysia).

It is said that a business owner has to visit the SSM office at least once in a lifetime to activate their ezBiz account and begin register a company online in Malaysia. With the help of this ezbiz online portal, one can easily perform various business-related activities right from their own house.

Activities here include new business registration, bring in relevant changes to their business particulars, terminate business and can even purchase business related information. It is described as an alternative way of “over-the-counter” transactions methods for business registration policies based for Malaysia which is simple, quick and hassle-free.

Registration method to get enrolled with SMM ezBiz online portal

  1. The first step is to visit the ezBiz online registration page and simply register as an ezBiz Online User.
  2. The second step is to choose the NRIC as per Id Type and then simply type in the specific Identity Card (IC) number and fill up name as per IC instructed.
  3. Next, the business owner or the sole investor will have to visit the nearest SSM office to active his or her own respective ezBiz account.

Although it is an online service yet the business owners still have to visit the SSM head office in Malaysia once in a lifetime for the online account activation.

Two important facts that the Malaysian government and SSM authority strictly inspect to initiate this online registration method to open a company online in Malaysia. these are:

  1. The company owner has to be a Malaysian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Malaysia.
  2. The company owner has to be 18 years and above.

Types of services offered in ezBiz online portal by the SSM

Following are the activities that can be performed in ezBiz, brought to you by the SSM of Malaysia:

  1. Register a new business online.
  2. Changes related to business particulars.
  3. Renewal of business online.
  4. Terminate of business online.
  5. Business related compound payment through online: new company registration fees, changes of business particulars fees, business renewal fees, business termination fees.

Procedure to register a company in online through ezBiz online portal

There are few several important procedures that one need to follow to register a company online in Malaysia through ezBiz. For your convenience, those procedures are listed below:

  • Once after being registered and activation of the first step for the business owners or the sole investors will be done, go to My Business Services > New Business Registration > New Business.
  • Next, one need to go through five individual sections on the website to successfully register their business in Malaysia.
  • In the Main Information Section, an individual applicant needs to provide valid details like business company name, starting date of business, company address information and business registration period.
  • One has to go through the company name approval policies under SSM to get permission to register their company with their desired proposed business name.
  • Following this comes the Branch Section part. Here the applicant has to provide all sort of information regarding company branches (if applicable).
  • Next step is to provide business code information in the business code section.
  • After that, one would have to provide the owner’s information in the owner’s section.
  • Lastly, the very individual has to make payment by electronic payment methods and declare the authenticity of the information submitted in the fees & declaration section.

Steps to run online change of business particulars from SMM ezBiz online portal

It is very much possible that a business owner makes mistake when updating business particulars. Well one does not need to fear for these any more as they can make changes any time, they want by simply following the steps below:

  • Go to My Business Services > Business Changes > New Business Changes.
  • Carry out your desired changes.
  • Remember that, any changes of information related to business particulars will cost the business owner RM20.00.
  • A RM10 are charged for each Business Info print-out.
  • Partner verification is 100% required for any sort of changes made to Business Particulars (if Business Type is Partnership).
  • The online application system would not proceed if the business partner does not verify any particular change.

One can update the following information related to Business Particulars:

  • Principal business address
  • Type of business
  • Particulars on branches

Note: To make Changes of information related to business owner or partners it can only be done over the counter. Which means one would need to visit the SSM in person.

Steps to bring in any changes to business particulars through online portal

Following are the uniformly arranged steps that gives sufficient information about changing procedures of any business attributes:

  1. Click myBiz services and then click: new business changes
  2. Select business type: choose your business type from the list provided.
  3. Tick the box & provide the necessary changes of main address (if applicable) click: next
  4. Tick the box & provide the necessary changes of branches (if applicable) click: update
  5. Tick the box & provide necessary changes related to the nature of your business & select the code (if applicable) click: next
  6. Payment information will appear & tick the declaration part click: submit payment
  7. Payment information will appear & click declaration click: pay
  8. Choose the method of payment by which you desire to pay click: submit
  9. Receipt will appear click: print
  10. Email notification will be sent.
  11. Click myBiz service >list new registration>approved/reject/query >detail button

Steps for online business renewal procedure by ezBiz website portal

One can even perform a third-party business renewal by simply going to the option My Business Services > Renewal Service > Renewal by Others. Once the business owners have their online ezBiz account activated, they can simply renew their business online at any time via the ezBiz portal.

The renewal period should be within a year or 12 months from the expiry date. Simply Go to My Business Services > Renewal Service > Renewal by Owners.

Following are the steps for online business renewal procedure by ezBiz website portal:

  1. Click ezBiz services: renewal by others
  2. Insert business number and click “Search”
  3. Tick at compound amount column if the applicant wants to pay compound fees (if compound exist)
  4. Tick number of years needed and validation checkbox
  5. Now click “Proceed to payment” section
  6. Provide all valid payment details correctly and simply press “Pay”
  7. Chose the correct payment method and click “Continue”
  8. Fill up the payment details and click “Submit”
  9. Now click the tab “Click here to return to the portal”
  10. You can print the receipt by clicking the print option or simply click “Proceed to transaction details”
  11. The applicant will be notified by email.
  12. Now “Download certificate”

Note: One can even view all sort of Business Renewal transactions by going to My Business Services > Renewal Service > Renewal History.

How to perform online business termination through ezBiz online web portal?

The business owners or sole investors can terminate their active business using this SSM ezBiz online portal by simply going to My Business Services > Business Termination > New Business Termination.

Online compound services through ezBiz

The business owners and sole investors can view outstanding compound facilities and make compound payment through online by simply going to My Compound Services > Compound Payment. Compounds which are issued under business registration Act 1956 & Companies Commission Act 1965 can be paid by ezBiz Online payment services.

Payment related issues regarding ezBiz

Here you will get a detail cost chart for various company related activities in ezBiz. It gives the cost evaluation for various functionalities. To enjoy any of these services, you have to pay through various online payment methods.

New company registration fees for ezBiz online services.

  • Personal Name — RM30.00 per year
  • Trade Name — RM60.00 per year
  • Individual Branch(s) — RM5 per year

Changes of business particulars fees in ezBiz online services.

Change of business particulars — RM20.00

Business renewal fees in ezBiz online portal.

  • Personal Name — RM30.00 per year
  • Trade Name — RM60.00 per year
  • Individual Branch(s) — RM5.00 per year
  • Business information — RM10.00

Business termination fees as per ezBiz online.

No fee is required

Modes of payment for ezBiz Online service

One can make any sort of payment in the ezBiz online portal by means of following electronic payment system –

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Internet Banking etc.

Business registration status & downloading procedure for business certificate

At this stage of register a company online in Malaysia, a business owner or a sole investor will simply receive an email notification to his/her provided email address regarding their online application status.

Once the registration has been approved successfully by the authorized body working at the back office, the applicant will be able to download their registration form, certificate, and relevant business information through this ezBiz online portal. You may want to know about business for sale in Malaysia.

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