Profitable IT Business in Qatar, in Details!

This article is mainly dedicated for my investor friends who are interested or recently planning to register or incorporate IT Companies in Qatar.

Well, yes there is no point of doubt that all my investors friends who will be forming IT companies in Qatar will surely see the road of success regarding profit margins, branding, company promotions and other business-related aspects.

The state of Qatar that we know today has developed itself in various sectors but sadly it has been lacking behind by large margin related to the Information Technology Industry.

This is mainly because the country does not have efficient and skilled people with IT base knowledge.

Qatari graduates usually do not plan to set off their careers related to Information Technology sectors as Qatar and its Government lacks big time with IT related resources, companies and job facilities.

Hence all my research works and updates conducted over Qatar for my article content, I eventually came up with some solid news for my IT related investor friends and business owner.

Anyone with vivid good knowledge, skills and experiences in any related aspect of the information technology industry, trust me or not Qatar is simply the best place for them to invest to establish their own business hub right away.

Keen awareness, noteworthiness and importance of IT-related services and products are growing at a higher extant among professional and non-professional individuals and business firms all over Qatar.

But as mentioned over, the sad part for the Qataris are there’s a big dearth of IT industries and professionals available within the country.

Thus, leaving these all-important sectors as one of the most lucrative and successful business aspects for investors to invest and make big profit in a very period of time.

IT Companies in Qatar

Now if we have to talk about the IT Firms or IT Companies those are already incorporated and established in Qatar, again there will not much to talk about or bring in in front of you all.

This is mainly because there aren’t lot of reputed IT companies in Qatar. Expect of some few to be mentioned individuals and professional business hubs usually relay strongly over the American IT Companies established in Doha like EY.

As Gas, Oil and Construction being the main sources of business investment sectors those very few come up investing in the IT Industry.

Yes, in recent times Qatar and its Government is surly trying their best to cut low the deficiencies and lacking they have in terms of IT related issues to the most extant they can.

Individuals, business firms and industries established in Qatar are all being known to the fact how relative IT products and technology services can make their daily busy life a lot more easier and hassle free.

The introduction of latest IT features, services and product and eventually cut low the trend of hiring labors in bulk quantity by various business firms and industries who are asked to work all day and night.

Best IT Business Sector in Qatar

Few IT companies in Qatar, which is certainly low in count cover up some of the essential sectors related to technology sector, they are:

  • Web Design and Development
  • E-Commerce Qatar
  • Online Business
  • Network Security
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Business Class Email
  • Data Sharing
  • Cloud Computing
  • VPN Setup
  • IT Infrastructure Setup
  • Online Shopping and some few other related sectors

After going through my article if your interest has grown a bit more over IT Industry in Qatar, then please me and my company S & F Consulting Firm Limited is always ready to help you with all sort of information, facts and foes you need to know about what it all takes for registering or incorporating Information Technology or IT Companies in Qatar and also computer card renewal form Qatar.

Some few all important information that I want leave behind for my Investor and Business Owner Friends about registering IT Company in Qatar is that – The Technology based companies are usually incorporated under the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) Free Zone Business Regulations policies.

Although one usually has to register IT related companies as LLC or WLL in Qatar (one can collect more information about these companies and its features in our company blog site) but yet it can be fully owned as per The Qatari Government conducted Law Number 1, Feb 2010 initiates.


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