Hotel business for sale in Mauritius

Nowadays, more and more numbers of foreigners are investing in the real estate sector of Mauritius and many of them are looking for Hotel Business for Sale in Mauritius.

This is because the hotel business makes promising returns, provide favorable tax benefits, increase business opportunities and also suitable for investment regime.

According to the law introduced in 2002, the government of Mauritius is now allowing nonresidents to purchase properties in the country and the name of the project is IRS.

This department is responsible for construction and selling the luxurious apartments and villas to the foreigners in some particular location.

The foreigners who got adequate purchasing power and easily able to invest more than half millions of dollars are allowed to purchase residential and commercial properties developed by IRS and become the tax resident of Mauritius.

The IRS has a low investment time frame and there is no minimum value for selling these properties with luxurious hotel facilities.

So, investors may sell their properties after a certain time frame and for this reason, there are lots of hotel business for sale is available in Mauritius.

There are mainly two types of schemes available for sale the hotel business.

One is the integrated resort scheme (IRS) and this program is designed for foreigners with the resort and residential property for the nonresident of Mauritius.

On another hand, the real estate scheme (RES) is the same as above but bit slimmer version of integrated resort scheme (IRS).

In this article, we are going to discuss the hotel business for sale in Mauritius.

Alamanda Garden - RES project in Mauritius

Amanda garden is a project conducted by the IRS and the village of the resort will contain the shopping area, fitness centers, parking facility at basement, swimming pool with a size of 1200 square meters.

The resort is located in such place where it offers above the ground views of the sea and also the island of the north.  The buildings of the garden occupy 20% of the total property with health track and tennis court and also the gym and spa.

Small hotel business for sale in Mauritius

There are different types of small hotels are available for sale in the country and the price of the hotels are varied based on various factors such as the sizes of the hotels, facilities and also the facility provided by the surrounding areas.

One may buy the small hotel with the chambers in the area named Grand Baie of Mauritius with a price of 1500000 Euro. These types of the hotel may contain a maximum number of 25 chambers.

If these hotels are located in a highly tourist’s area and the closeness of the shopping centers, supermarkets etc; the price may go bit up or down.

The general land area of these types of hotels is 2500 square meters and the hotel may be renovated and may contain the large size of the pool and bar. One may easily get the earnings of 10,000 Euros per month from these types of structures.

Additionally, these facilities may provide an option of permanent residency to the foreigners. The small size hotels in Mauritius may also contains Restaurants, Cable television, air conditioning, attraction in local area, beach & ocean, area of natural beauty, activities for guests in local area, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, surfing, water skiing, walking, cycling, fishing, golf facility and other on-site facilities.

Medium Size Hotels for sale in Mauritius

One may also choose the hotels with medium size or bit bigger than medium size and there are many options for these types of the hotel for sale are available.

For example, one may buy a hotel resort with a size of the 700-meter square and 24 bedrooms completed at a price of RS 9500,000.

One other hand similar size of a hotel of 700-meter square size with only 3-bedrooms may cost RS. 34,000,000. The price variation occurs based on the facility available in the hotels.

The 24 bedrooms hotels may have private swimming pools, parking facility, ocean view, close to schools & shops and fully furnished room with exterior garden and verandas.

On another hand the RS. The 34,000,000. proceed hotel may contain two villas with 4 apartments with nice beachfront views.

However, the outside land area of these types of establishments is petty high may be more than 3000 square meters where the interior area is only 700 square meters.

These hotels may also contain good ocean views, sea access, Mountain View, close to school facility, close to shop facility, close to the hospital facility, close to golf course faculty and garden facility.

Studio type hotels for sale in Mauritius

One has the option of buying studio types apartment hotels in Mauritius with the price of RS. 25,000,000.

These types of hotels may contain up to ten studio apartments, located near the beach, great shopping, and nightlife with a 675-meter square land surface area.


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