Signboard License Malaysia From DBKL

Why signboard license Malaysia needs and how much is the cost? Signboard and Premise license is needed for all types of businesses in Malaysia. The signboard is the nameplate of business and is called an identity card. You can have look cost of Sdn Bhd company registration in Malaysia for local and foreigner.

Business format Signboard License Premise License
Proprietorship Yes Yes
Partnership Yes Yes
Private Limited Yes Yes
Public Limited Yes Yes

This is a law of Malaysia; every entity must have signboard and premise license. It is punishable offence if found no signboard and premise license of a running business. The punishment amount might be RM 30000. DBKL and MBPJ authority visit any places suddenly to check. Never open shop and any business without license.

DBKL Signboard License Application Procedure

  • Fill up application form
  • Enclose incorporation and super form
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Passport/ IC copy
  • Signboard size and hanging place
  • Take measurement of signboard
  • Take picture where signboard will be placed
  • Approve design from Dewan Bahasa
  • Building layout plan
  • Final approval from council office

DBKL signboard license fees

signboard and premise license fees

License fees

Signboard license Malaysia fees of Ringgit 1200 include agent and government fees. An additional change will be applicable if signboard is displayed in more places.

How much time take to obtain Signboard license?

It might take one day to prepare supporting papers. Dewan Bahasa takes 1 day to approve and sometimes need 2 days if a number of applications are more. In a word, the signboard license can complete by 3 days.

Signboard License Renewal

Signboard license is valid for one year and applies before expiry. If any new changes are needed can add supporting papers. Signboard Renewal Fees of Ringgit 1500 include agent fees. You may want to know about how to become a successful entrepreneur in Malaysia.


Premise License Application

Signboard and premise license can apply together to make job faster. The following papers need to apply of premise license:

  • Incorporation and Super form
  • IC/ Passport
  • Tenancy agreement of minimum one year
  • Picture of office furniture
  • Office layout plan

Premise License Fees

When apply premise and signboard license together can change of Ringgit 3000 include government and agent fees.

How long take to obtain premise license?

Two business days are ok to get certificate in hand unless any papers are missing.

Premise License Renewal

As premise license is valid for 12 months so be apply before expiry to renew.

MBPJ lesen perniagaan/ MBPJ business license/ DBKL Signboard License

MBPJ and DBKL both are signboard license Malaysia provider and authority. There are many places situated of city council near of business location. Go to the nearest city hall to apply of signboard and premise license. MBPJ and DBKL provide many other licenses along with signboard.

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