Online Business Opportunities in Malaysia and Offline as well

Malaysia in today’s date is considered as one of those country which is filled with numerous lucrative business opportunities for business owners and sole investors from all over the world.

These is mainly because of the enormous business opportunities and business policies the country and its government bring in to the world of business.

Malaysia is considered as one of the most developing country with a potent and constant economic scale among all other Asian countries in the World.

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) of business owners and sole investors who come up to seek in business opportunities in Malaysia plays a major role in the steady and constant growth of the economic scale of the country.

In recent times it is found that, many of us comes up with several questions like --

What are the best small or big business opportunities in Malaysia?

What business ideas are considered the most profitable to start up a small business in Malaysia?

Well, I would simply suggest my readers to rub off all their queries and hesitations as they can easily explore the current best and most profitable business opportunities in Malaysia.

Malaysia and its government, led by Prime Minister Mahathir Bin Mohamad, is planning to set up targets to double the country’s economic growth by the year 2020.

To fulfil this target made the country along with some authorized government figures are trying their best to work out certain policies to encourage foreign investors and business owners to explore the lucrative business opportunities made available within the country.

The country itself has made drastic changes in their business registration policies, laws and regulations to make it simpler and easy to understand for the investors and business owners to start off with their Malaysia Business.

The country has tried its most to improve business related sectors like resources, transportation, electricity, labor power, costing etc to initiate remarkable growth of business policies all over the country.

Hence, if you consider yourself as a sole investor, entrepreneur or a business owner who has an ambition to start a small or big business in Malaysia, the following business opportunities shown in this article can be considered the best choice for you.

They are stated as the hottest choice of business opportunities in Malaysia at current date, due to latest trends and make money during COVID-19 crisis.

Top 10 Investment Policies or Business Opportunities in Malaysia for 2018

Travel agency business

As Malaysia is considered a country of business hub, hence many business owners and sole investor keeps on visiting the country at regular interval for business purposes.

This is the reason for which travel agencies and various businesses that cater to travelers directly and indirectly comes up with huge profit and opportunities in Malaysia.

So, for anyone who is looking forward to start up his or her own business in Malaysia, travel agency is going to be a smart option to choose. The travel agency business requires low capital, easy to start off with and returns back huge profit.


Every year many tourists from all over the world come up to Malaysia with family and friends to enjoy their holiday. Malaysia is known to many of us as one of the best holiday destinations within the Muslim continent. This eventually come up as a wonderful business opportunity in Malaysia in the tourism sector.

Business owners or sole investors who have big budget to invest can open up a hotel or resort in Malaysia that caters to the numerous tourists that visit the country on their vacation.

Business owners with small budget can come up with certain business strategies like providing products and services that cater to tourists. Hence, it can be stated that it is always possible to make money from Malaysia’s tourism business whether your budget is big or small.


The fashion industry is considered as one of the best business opportunities in Malaysians and almost in every other country around the globe. Like every other people living in various nation the Malaysians love fashion.

The people living in Malaysia shows potential concern for what they wear and how they look in their daily life. Although there are numerous business outlets who have already set off their mark in the fashion world of Malaysia yet there plenty room to make good profit for new comers in the business line.

Yet, it is always better to know first about the likes and dislikes of the local peoples’ fashion choice before stepping in the fashion business of the country.

Foods and snacks

There is no country in the world where fast foods and snacks is not loved by the nation. Hence, it can be easily stated that unlike all other countries, fast foods and snacks really sell well in Malaysia.

So, selling fast foods and snacks like ice-cream, yoghurt, burgers, fried chicken and other related street foods are always considered as a great business opportunity in Malaysia.

Starting a business related to foods and snacks are very easy in Malaysia and simply requires a very little capital. One can even make quick money in this business whether or not they are native of the country.

Microfinance services

Everyday new businesses, especially the small ones are springing at a potent rate all over Malaysia. To thrive in the long run, all these small businesses usually require funding.

Such small businesses can get these funding as a loan from the microfinance services. Hence, microfinance services are considered to be a hot business opportunity in Malaysia for sole investors and business owners to explore.

One with a little experience in the banking and finance world can start up his or her own microfinance business in Malaysia with a small startup capital.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas are considered as the prime FDI sectors in Malaysia and is also considered as one of the major business opportunities in the country.

Well it is completely a misconception that one would require to be a billionaire to start a business related to oil and gas in Malaysia.

By spending a small capital one can easily act as a retailer for oil and gas products such as kerosene and natural gas. For business owners and sole investors with a handsome amount to invest can open up filling station.

Internet business

In today’s date internet business is considered as one of the best business opportunities in Malaysia and in many other countries around the world.

Nowadays Malaysians are becoming more and more aware of business opportunities available in online business regarding website designing, freelancing, digital marketing, blogging, information marketing, and many more.

With some basic knowledge and few experiences one can easily make good profit from this internet business. The biggest benefit that one can get from such business opportunities in Malaysia is that they can work from their home.

Professional services

With large number of small businesses growing everyday professional services also play a major role as a business opportunity to make great profit in Malaysia.

At the very start of their basic stage most of the small businesses require the services of bookkeepers and accountants.

So, anyone with a background of accounting, bookkeeping and related profession can easily caters to small and medium businesses, and is said to have huge opportunities at their fingertips. Well, you may want to know about advisory before company registration in Malaysia.

Other prime business opportunity in Malaysia can be the Local taxi service and Smartphone and PC repairs. These are also considered as money making policies for business owners and sole investors in Malaysia.


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