Accountant Services in Portugal

Accountant Services in Portugal

Do you want to start a business in Portugal? Then you should choose the best Accountant in Portugal. Whether you are a Portuguese citizen or a foreigner. Your business will need the services provided by an accountant.

What is an Accountant?

If you wish to have a good and successful business then a good accountant should be your first priority. An accountant is a professional who handles keeping and managing financial information.

Furthermore, accountants are responsible for a wide aspect of finance-related tasks. These tasks can include a personal client or a big business or an organization.

Accountants are used for keeping all the financial records in check. The Accountant services give an individual the basics for the analysis of a business. Furthermore, it gives an idea for the future decisions of the company.

What are the tasks of accountant?

If you want to register a company in Portugal you will need someone to manage the records. The profits and losses of the company and to fill the reports that are necessary. These tasks, including much more, are handled by an Accountant

Problems relating to tax planning and compliances. These are some other issues why an accountant can be used. Accounting-related tasks are regular like billing, bank account management, and contract-related management.

Why are Accountants necessary?

Accountants are used for the financial management of a company or business. These make the accountant important for any business or company in Portugal. Choosing an Accounting service in Portugal is a vital task.

You must choose an accountant with high Professionalism. They should also be transparent and correct. If you fail to choose a good Accountant Service in Portugal, the growth curve of your company or business can take more time than necessary. It will put danger to your business or company without a good Accountant Service.

If you are a foreigner and want to open a business in Portugal. There are legal entities for opening a company in Portugal. You might face several differences in the mandatory legal requirements stipulated by law.

You will use the Account services to help you to adapt to the new system. Furthermore, you will use this service to extend your business to the new legal context. Your accountant service will provide you audit.

Services to expect from an Accountant Service

  • Bookkeeping Service
  • Payroll Services in Portugal
  • Annual financial statements
  • Tax planning in Portugal
  • Tax minimization tools

Bookkeeping Services

Basically, bookkeeping refers to the control and verification of the payable and receivable accounts of a company. It relates to the activities done in Portugal. Apart from these, cash management, banking operations, issuance of invoices. The effecting payroll is also part of the bookkeeping services.

All the financial activities, along with cash books, journals, income statements. There are much more of a company in Portugal that fall under bookkeeping.

Payroll services in Portugal

Apart from the bookkeeping service in Portugal. There is another important part of accounting service which is the payroll service. The distribution of electronic payroll records, payroll tax calculations, and salary calculations.

These all fall under payroll service. In Portugal, there are a lot of companies who are using these services and they are getting the benefits too. If you decide to not have an accounting department in your company. Then these services are perfect for you.

Tax minimization tools

There are already a lot of costs for setting up a company in Portugal. If you are able to save some costs then it will be an added benefit for the company.

Knowing this you might have an interest in the tax minimization tools. Paying the credits in advance might be a good way to cut costs or even create a charity. Furthermore, you can have a retirement plan to reduce the tax.

The Accountant can help you do these. The experts will analyze the financial state of the company. Then suggest the tax minimization tools.

Important Stills necessary for a Good Accountant

  • Attention to detail
  • Business acumen
  • Computer literacy
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Mathematical skills

Attention to details

For keeping all the information accurate and organized. Accountants should pay extra attention to details. It is easy to make mistakes with the vast amount of financial reports. There is a lot in an organization.

Business acumen

For successful growth and errorless tasks. An accountant service must have an understanding of the basic functions of a business. This will help the experts to do accounting tasks.

Computer literacy

There are a lot of advanced accounting software. To do those tasks, an accountant must have good computer literacy to work.

Analytical skills

Vast knowledge in analytical skills benefits a company. An accountant must have this skill to collect and analyze financial data. Doing so can have a huge benefit as this can have a growing impact on the company.

Communication skills

Accountants must be attentive in listening to the clients. If the communication skill is less then there might be some communication gap. Furthermore, accountants must be able to interpret the findings from the reports we discussed above.

Mathematical skills

It is the most important aspect of an accountant. Hard to solve math problems that are not required to become an accountant. A good accountant must have good knowledge of math. To analyze, compare and interpret data and findings.

How Can You Get an Experienced Accountant in Portugal?

A Certified Public Accountant can be an experienced accountant in Portugal. Information on these can get from the Portuguese Chartered Accountants Association (OCC). It has more than 69000 members. Their headquarters are in Lisbon. Furthermore, they have 15 more delegations around the Country.

Considerations For Choosing The Accountant Service in Portugal

It is a must to check the testimonials of the accountant's clients. You can verify from relevant institutions. Is the accountant chartered or certified? It is also advised to search for an accountant who is proactive.

Accountants that keep you informed. All the changes which are important in the financial department. It is also an indicator of a good accountant.


Portugal is a great choice for business for locals or foreigners. If you are looking to generate money in the Southern part of Europe. This country has a lot of potential for business in Portugal. The ports enable direct access to the Atlantic Ocean.

A good and growing business needs the best Accountant Service. To have a growing impact on your business in Portugal you need the best Accountant in Portugal.


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